Chairman’s Message

Harindra Kushwaha

Harindra Prasad Kushwaha

( M.Sc. Mathematics , 1 Yr. B.ed )

People with education , vision , and knowledge succeed in the battle of life.It can be with your child.An educated child will have greater opportunity to make life’s dream come true.

At our School , we realize the full potential of your child because we believe in complete education.

We give value to each day.A lot of change have been made in the school by way of new infrastrucal facilities and educational practices to enable you to compete with students studying elsewhere.

Our teachers have the experiance , qualification , confidence and capacity to provide you personal supervision , guidance and encouragement to enable you to put your best foot forward.

I assure you of our best attention at all times and wish you a happy , healthy , meaningful and memorable stay with the School.